Friday, May 18, 2007

Scrap a cake!

My little girl is 2 darling baby girl just isn't a baby anymore....sniff! We are looking forward to a lovely afternoon tea with all our family. Her cake I made was so easy and the pics on the flowers are from when she was a few months old, when she was 1 and now at 2. The boys have blown up countless pink balloons and the party girl is well, READY TO PARTY!!!! have a great weekend....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Autism Crop Fundraising Album

Here is my double layout for the Autism Crop Fundraising Album. Check out Alli's blog for more information about this great fundraiser and the other contributors. This album is going to be hard to raffle and give up but the cause behind it all makes it incredibly satisfying. I also altered a little box for Alli to use as a prize on the Crop day which is on June 23rd. Can't wait to see the album when it is all finished and collated.....keep an eye on Alli's blog for that (I know I will be!)

Stay warm.....

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Random Post

So my lovely friend Megan Stephenson tagged me (Yep, she's the one who made the latest cover of FK's WOOOHOOO!). I am late in getting to this so I'm sure many have been tagged therefore I won't pass it on but incase you haven't, consider yourself tagged.
Here are seven random things about me,

1. I thrive in stressful situations and like to keep busy,
2. I am a secondary trained Phys Ed teacher,
3. My Auntie is a fashion designer in Melbourne....Perri Cutten (I'm very proud of her),
4. I have more pairs of joggers than any other type of shoe (sad but true!),
5. I have a bath every Friday night and enjoy a glass of wine (funny little tradition of
6. I did classical ballet for over 10 years....that's why my toes are all bent and funny and,
7. I'm going to Fiji next year!

So, there you have it.

Last Friday night I presented at a scrap night in town. It was a fundraiser for the school my kids attend. It was so well received and raised heaps of money. It really reminded me of what a great craft this is and I was so happy to share the passion and make some new friends.

I have been scrapping a bit (well before we had visitors) but I can't share it as it is DT work but when I can I will. I will leave you with this LO because it is a favourite photo of mine...where has my baby gone?

Enjoy the rest of your week....