Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally an update....

So I have questioned if I should keep this blog going for various reasons but mainly because updates are becoming few and far between. For now I will stick with it (at least until the Create & See website opens) As usual so much has been happening including a fantastic retreat and the Patching by the Port Workshop.....both extremely well organised events and I admire the ladies behind both of these events. Both were great opportunities for me to reconnect with old friends and meet plenty of new ones. Amongst all of this I have also been working in my garden and doing a bit of sewing...so plenty of creating just not all of the scrapbooking variety.

Here are my layouts from the retreat....

I still need to do the journaling at the bottom of this one. Ryan is jumping on the trampoline here.

I made this last week. It is a commissioned 21st card for a young lady who is right into fashion...that's why I went for the handbag design which is covered in fabric. It also needed to be big enough for lots of people to write in.

That's all for now...thanks for dropping by


Condi Scrappers said...

Hi Justine.
Great to see your new layouts after such a big break! Look forward to to many more!
Linda Styles

Condi Scrappers said...

YAY JUSTINE!!!! You did it!!!

Nice to see you haven't given up totally... I must say its good to see the layouts you started at the retreat finished... I did wonder how they would end up they were looking good in Perth...
Keep plugging away, I look forward to the next instalment!!

Karen said...

Justine, love what you are up to! Dont feel guilty for not updating regularly...life is crazy.
Can you email me at scrappinoutback@bigpond.com
I have an offer for you.
Cheers, Love Karen Smith.